Honor – Persuasive Writing

Let me tell you about hismile, hismile is a brand of toothpaste.

I think you should buy it cause it has a very cheap price and

there’s lots of flavours to pick and it makes your teeth white.


Hismile has lots of different flavours like prime,watermelon, 

red velvet cake,cotton candy,smooth mint,mango sorbet,

this encourages children to want to brush their teeth.


They sell it at the chemist warehouse for a very cheap price so it is affordable for families.


Hismile also has a teeth whitening toothpaste it is

purple if you leave it on for 30 seconds it will make

your teeth pearly white.


I think you should buy hismile toothpaste because it taste delicious and it feels amazing 

And refreshing. Hopefully after reading this you will go and buy some hismile toothpaste today





The Missing girl named Lily peters

One night it was 3AM in the forest there was a girl named Lily.

She was walking home from church but then she came across

A cemetery. She saw her grandpa but she knew something was off,

because her grandpa died when she was three. She ran off frightened!!!!

She thought she was going crazy, but then everything stopped. 

She saw a white van pull up and it was her mum but her mum looked weird.

Her face was ripped…….

 It was not her mum!!!!!


She got scared and ran into the forest few weeks later her mum put up 

Missing posters for her, she had gone missing!!! For a while but Lily 

Had been missing for years and it she will never be found again 

I think 

All about me

Kia ora! My name is Honor, I go to Glen Innes School. I am in Year 5 and my teacher is Miss Cunningham. My favourite subject is Reading and I enjoy learning about You can write one or more topics .  I am good at playing sports.  My goal for this year is to achieve my dreams. In my spare time I like to go in the pool at my house my favourite drinks are wolf v and bang  rocker




Ukraine and Russia War

22nd March, 2022

The President of Russia

Vladimir  Vladimirovich putin


Room 8

Glen innes school 


New zealand  


Re: The War Between Ukraine

And Russia


Dear Vladimir


Your country is hurting Ukraine and all the families that had their husband Join The war  and then died Russia is bad for attacking Ukraine And The people that are Hiding in the subway from the people  that  live in Russia The Russia President started All this Because He wants his Country To Be The Best country out of Ukraine 

Russia  is Evil but some people from russia care About Ukraine  and the people that  died in Ukraine  Some Russia people are kind and grateful for anything they

But some Russia people are Evil  and the nice russia people s and kind to people.


My kupe Writing

Kupe was a legendary Polynesian explorer and was the first human to discover islands of New Zealand his journey was triggered by Difficulties

With fishing in hawaiki his homeland apparently the problem was a great

Octopus belonging to kupe’s competitor Muturangi.